Re: Alto Breaking Beryllium Autorelease

Based on what Tony said during the TSC call, this may be caused by the new stricter yang parser.  I believe this patch here [1] addresses the issue.  Can someone take a look, review, and merge.  I have updated the weather spreadsheet with the relevant patch number [2].


Best Regards,

An Ho








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To: An Ho
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Subject: Re: [alto-dev] Alto Breaking Beryllium Autorelease


Hi Ann,

Very sorry to reply you so late. But could you please reconfirm this bug? I means that it is really a mistake.

Actually, I am always tracing this bug during these days. And when I built our project yesterday, I got a totally different error log from before. Even more, when I built it just now, I found there had been no error. But I didn't modify any code during these several days. So I guess this bug is caused by yangtools, and it seems that the members of yangtools have fixed it.

Excuse me, is Beryllium autorelease still blocked by this bug now? If not, please cancel Blocker. And since there is no error now, please close this bug.




2015-10-02 1:07 GMT+08:00 Y. Richard Yang <yry@...>:

Hi Ann,


The team member who will take care of it is off in the day time. We will look into it soon.



On Thursday, October 1, 2015, An Ho <An.Ho@...> wrote:

Hi ALTO Team,


Could someone from the team take a look at this bug [1].  It is currently breaking Beryllium autorelease.

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.opendaylight.yangtools:yang-maven-plugin:0.8.0-Daily-v201509292141:generate-sources (default) on project alto-model: yang-to-sources: Unable to parse yang files from /opt/jenkins/workspace/autorelease-daily-beryllium/alto/alto-model/src/main/yang: Some of FULL_DECLARATION modifiers for statements were not resolved. ->


Best Regards,

An Ho






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