Re: Agenda for next meeting

Y. Richard Yang

Wonderful progress, Kai & Xin! Could you please approve the alto patches?



On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, Xin Li <yakumolx@...> wrote:
I have cleaned up the build enviroment, you can review it at

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 3:57 PM, Gao Kai <godrickk@...> wrote:
I have passed the integration test and submitted a review. for alto for integration

On 15/04/15 14:31, Y. Richard Yang wrote:
Dear team,

Some of us (Kai and Xin L.) made some good progress this evening to clean up the build environment. If Xin L. can finish the remaining items, we can focus on the design issues during the meeting. But Xin L. please still be prepared to still give an overview so that our whole team ramps up on the basics.

Here are some key design issues and the lead (please read and be prepared to lead):

1. ALTO (provision) manager design (Shu and Kai: please lead the design review). Please give us the complete CI spec (since it runs in karaf, consistent with karaf ci style makes senses to me), if possible, and then the implementation structure. If you can write up a bit in the user guide, it will be so cool (goto and you will see the link to user guide, and this should be under admin). The current version is my placeholder. Please feel free to modify.

2. Auto map (need a better name). Xin W. please lead.

3. Northbound (Kai please lead).

4. IRD generation (Kai please lead).

We will progress according to the proceeding, but limit the meeting to 1.5 hours max. Hence we may not be able to cover all items.


On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Y. Richard Yang <yry@...> wrote:
Dear team,

Given that we are in the RED state regarding meeting ODL deadlines, we should first focus on getting the basic things ready, i.e., the build environment clean and setup. Hence, my plan is that we spend as much time--please be prepared for a long meeting--to go over the build environment (i.e., pom.xml files), until we get the basic build structure right. In other words, it will not be a discussion meeting, but rather a working session, to set our standard right.

Talk to you Wednesday (9 am US ET, 9 pm Beijing).



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