Re: [release] M3 Integration status for projects

Y. Richard Yang

Dear Luis,

Thanks for doing the check. We updated ALTO and integration:

Could you please take a look again at ALTO and let us know if you see any issues? If there are still remaining issues, any advice on how to fix  is greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


On Monday, April 13, 2015, Luis Gomez <ecelgp@...> wrote:
Hi all,

We are not yet done with M4 but I spent some time today to collect M3 integration information and status for all projects. Basically I was looking for features in integration + feature templates (FT). 

This is the summary:

GREEN - Features + FT OK:
BGP LS PCEP:Main - features + FT
Group Policy:Main - features + FT
LACP:Main - features + FT
NeutronNorthbound:Main - features + FT
OpenDaylight Controller:Main - features + FT
OpenDaylight Lisp Flow Mapping:Main - features + FT
OpenDaylight Virtual Tenant Network (VTN):Main - features + FT
OVSDB Integration:Main - features + FT
Service Function Chaining:Main  - features + FT
TCPMD5:Main - features + FT
USC:Main - features + FT
VPNService:Main - features + FT
YELLOW - Missing Features or FT:
AAA:Main - features + No FT
CAPWAP:Main - features + No FT
DIDM:Main - features + No FT
IoTDM:Main - features + No FT
L2 Switch:Main - features + No FT
OpenDaylight dlux:Main - features + No FT
OpenDaylight OpenFlow Plugin:Main - features + No FT
Persistence:Main - No features + FT
SecureNetworkBootstrapping:Main - features + No FT
SNMP Plugin:Main - features + No FT
SNMP4SDN:Main - features + No FT
SXP:Main - features + No FT
TSDR:Main - No features + FT
RED - No features + No FT:
ALTO:Main - No features + No FT
Defense4All:Main - No features + No FT
Discovery:Main - No features + No FT
Southbound plugin to the OpenContrail platform:Main - No features + No FT
NA - No user-facing features:
ODL-SDNi App:Main
Openflow Protocol Library:Main
Table Type Patterns
Topology Processing Framework:Main
YANG Tools:Main

Please let me know if I missed anything.



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