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Gao Kai <gaok12@...>

Hi there,

Unfortunately current implementation doesn't support this.  My guess is that the developers of alto-hosttracker wrote this module mainly to support the Endpoint Cost Service instead of the Network Map/Cost Map so they didn't implement PID partition.  I'll forward your e-mail to confirm that.

However, in an internal meeting this July we did discuss about PID partition using hosttracker so I think there might be some progress on that.

Besides, you can report it as a bug by visiting  Since there are some major changes in the latest release and we have limited manpower, I can't really guarantee that this issue can be fixed soon enough. :(

We really appreciate your participation and we look forward to getting more feedbacks from you.  Thanks very much!


On 20/10/15 22:46, adenisiewicz@... wrote:

Is it possibility to define pids for the network created in mininet that is read by hosttracker-network-map? 
When I try, all hosts are grouped into one pid. 
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