Re: Propose Jensen to be co-lead of ALTO


Hi Kai and Shu,

I think I can start the vote to make Jensen a co-leader. And to get a clean record of email voting procedure, I will send a new voting email to all committers and cc to alto-dev.


On Oct 21, 2015, at 10:15 PM, Gao Kai <godrickk@...> wrote:


It’s nice to hear from you and I support the idea of making Jensen a co-leader. However, there are some procedures I’d like to point out:

First according to this, this and this, only the commiters can vote for committer nominations and project leader election.

According to Collin, a member of ODL TSC, there are only 4 committers and since there was no voting (as far as I know) you and I are not legal project leaders at the moment.

It would be great if someone can continue to push forward the process of committer nominations and also this co-lead election. One major issue is that we must get at least 3 votes from the four committers, especially from Shi and Wendy.


On 21/10/15 21:26, Shu Dong wrote:

Dear all,

I got a high work load recently and am not able to focus on ALTO project. Hence, I'd like to propose Jensen Zhang to be a co-lead of ALTO project. Jensen has been being involved in the project actively since ALTO Lithium release [1] and he will for sure contribute more in the future. Please vote +1, 0, -1 for the proposal. Thanks.

Best Regards,

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