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Thanks for your information about DOM APIs, and i am looking into it. If we decide to use it, we need to change a lot of things like data broker, transaction and data change listener. Is this right? And actually there is only one data in alto yang model using anyxml, which is cost in cost-map.

Thanks again,

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We do not support anyxml in currently generated DTOs, but DOM data and DOM broker support it using different

APIs (called DOM APIs).


Which type of data from alto specification do you want to model as anyxml?





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Dear Varga and others in yangtools,


I am working at implementing alto in odl and i use anyxml to define some data in yang model considering the data could be an object, array, string, etc. But i find that there is no method to set its value in the class generated by using yang tools, also there is no field of the data in the class. There is no error when generating the code. It looks like it just skips the anyxml defined data. Did i miss something to make it work? Or it doesn’t support anyxml for now?





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