Trying ALTO in Communication Service

Jensen Zhang

Hi Qiaoqiao,

I am glad to hear you are trying ALTO. You can post your questions to this mailing list for discussion: alto-dev@.... Please feel free to tell us if you need help.


2015-11-25 14:22 GMT+08:00 Pengqiaoqiao <pengqiaoqiao@...>:


Thank you all  in advanceJ



发件人: Chenguohai
发送时间: 20151125 14:19
收件人: Jensen Zhang
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Hi Jensen,


Qiaoqiao is resposible for trying ALTO in communication service. She is trying to setup an ALTO enviroment in her Lab.

@Qiaoqiao you can post questions to Jensen if you encounter problems in setting up the ALTO test enviroment.



G.Robert  Chen


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