ALTO M4 Status

Jensen Zhang

ALTO M4 Status

1. Please provide updates on any previously-incomplete items from prior milestone readouts.

2. Has your project achieved API freeze, i.e., all externally accessible APIs [Stable and Provisional] will not be modified after now? Yes/No

*  Provide a link to a gerrit search for patches modifying the files defined as specifying the API.  Example [1].

3. What are the current word counts (total and per-document) for your project?
*  word count
User Guide - 662
Developer Guide - 635

*  links to gerrit patches or links to the file in git as appropriate;a=tree;f=manuals/user-guide/src/main/asciidoc/alto;h=1cd5c7ad2fd88aa1e9792cdd6a105183d8b72e85;hb=HEAD;a=tree;f=manuals/developer-guide/src/main/asciidoc/alto;h=8d1008372662a4aa2a4b280b9e14dee0c121fd90;hb=HEAD

4. Has your project met the requirements to be included in Maven Central [2]? Yes/No
Yes, except GPG signing.

5. Were there any project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone? Yes/No

6. Have you started automated system testing for your top-level features. Yes/No
No, waiting to be merged.
Patch Link:

*  If yes, link to test report
Not yet completed. We are working on this.

7. Have you updated the wiki [3] with any ports used, including for testing?

8. Does your project build successful in Beryllium Autorelease [4]? Yes/No

9. Does your project build with Java 8?

*  Link to jdk8 verify job,nodes=dynamic_verify/


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