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Hi Thanh,

Thanks a lot! That works. I could see the right pages and the links are working too. After my patch being merged by that project, the maven site will be automatically generated in{myproject}/ ?

Xiao Lin

From: thanh.ha@...
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 10:49:10 -0500
Subject: [releng] Maven Site generation
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Hi Xiao,

In the future please send these types of inquiries to the [releng] topic at dev@...

The best way to test Maven Site locally that I've found is to run 2 commands as follows:

    mvn clean install
    mvn site:deploy -Dstream=latest

The 1st command generates your documentation, because the way Maven Site generation works it produces all the documentation but does not produce working URL paths that you can use so we need the 2nd command.

The 2nd command aggregates all the documentation into a staging site. This will produce a directory in your project root called "target/staged-site". The string -Dstream can be set to anything, it just represents what version of your site documentation you want to call it. Typically Jenkins will use our release names such as -Dstream=beryllium or -Dstream=boron etc...

You can now open the site with your webbrowser by opening any of the html files for example:

    google-chrome target/staged-site/index.html

Hope this helps,

On 25 February 2016 at 08:31, Xiao Lin <linxiao9292@...> wrote:
Hi Thanh,

I have followed the steps here [0] to automatically generate Maven Site. I could see auto generated files in /target/staged-site/odlparent-lite/ .
But I have some difficulties in how deploy this maven site locally. Because I want to test the auto generated links work or not and then I would try to  submit the patch. 
And I have read tutorial in [1], and I have executed mvn site:stage, and then executed mvn site:run. After that, I could get right message in localhost:8080, but when I clicked links on that page, 404 not found page appeared. Could you please give me some advice ?  And I am not sure which mailing lists should I post this type of questions.

Xiao Lin

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