Re: [release] Boron autorelease fails: alto, l2switch, blueprint

Gao Kai <gaok12@...>


The current patch might do now, at least for BoronCurrently we can work around it but in the long run we may still need to enable reactive routingActually we don't care much about ARP packets so it's OK to flood them.  But if I'm not mistaken when that option is enabled, l2switch will flood other packets as well (see [1]).

It will be great to know how we can change the options automatically, so we may disable flooding when our module is installed and re-enable it when removed.




On 04/07/16 23:29, Vratko Polak -X (vrpolak - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES at Cisco) wrote:

L2switch has been converted to blueprint [0],

so *-config artifacts are no longer defined.

Alto was depending on them.

Possible fix for the autorelease build: [1].


But even after that fix, the new value [2]

for is-proactive-flood-mode will NOT get applied.

Is there a way for downstream feature

to override the default value [3]?








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