Re: Some questions about deleting data by alto-manager


I agree that when alto-manager send a delete command, the corresponding bundle should stop running. Then we should decide how alto-manager send a alto:delete event? I don't think just delete the data like network-map is a good choice. If there are data deleted from the data store means the corresponding bundle should stop, then it looks like i write data to it and also i listen data change from the same place. I prefer some configurational data that apart from resources data in alto. Then alto-hosttracker can listen to the data and stop running when it changes.


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:59:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Some questions about deleting data by alto-manager
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Hi Xin,

Good discussion. Suppose the admin issues alto:delete (btw, I found the verb destroy too violent, so I, as you, will use delete). I assume that then the network will disappear. This means that it should not appear either in northbound or restconf (deleted from data store). Following the principle of minimal amount of work, then your bundle should deregister from all events and stop running. We do not have a restart command yet---we have not designed the whole life cycle thing yet. So the state machine, at this point is:

event: feature:install -> state: running
event: alto:delete hostrackermap -> state: stopped

There is no transition to resurrect it, unless we want to conduct a more complete lifecycle design. 

The outcome of the admin issues feature:install again at the stopped state is not defined.



On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 11:15 AM, wangxin <xinwang2014@...> wrote:
Hi Richard,

I didn’t understand if alto-manager deletes alto-hosttracker-generated data (i think delete is only action it can do), how alto-hosttracker reacts?

  1. it stops listening to l2switch and waits for alto-manager’s next command (like restart)?
  2. it continues listening to l2switch and just adds new data to data store? (it’s like option 1’s restart, but it keeps history data about existing hosts)
  3. some other choices?


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