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Wendy Roome

According the rfc 7285,  ECS response just gives the cost. The server hides the path and any other information it uses to calculate the cost.

The easiest way to implement ECS is for the server to map each endpoint to a pid and return the costs between the pids. But the server  MAY use more detailed cost information if it wants.

Does that help?

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Hi all,

When ALTO server provide endpoint cost between h1 and h2 , is the path between h1 and h2 given ?

For example, 

before ALTO server provides endpoint cost, it knows that h1 can connect to h2 in path h1-s1-s3-h2
       |    |


ALTO server could assume by itself that h1 could be connect to h2 through path h1-s1-s2-s4-s3-h2?

Thanks & Best Wishes!

Xiao Lin
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