Re: M3 status due for ALTO project

Y. Richard Yang

Hi George,

Below is the current status of ALTO M3. We are running up quickly and
should be able to catch up completely soon.



Function Freeze:

1) Final list of externally consumable APIs defined and documented.
Yes, as defined by RFC7285.

2) Does your project have Tentative API.

a. If Yes: does your project clearly state each API will be deliver or
not. YesNo

b. Do all projects depend on your tentative API get notified.
Yes, as there is no project depended on ALTO.

3) All inter project dependencies are resolved.

Karaf Features

1) All intended for release features are added to features.xml and checked
into integration git repository.

Not yet, may need a couple more days.

2) List all user-facing karaf features for your project.

Same as above.


1) Document contact if haven't provided earlier, default will be project
lead. Y. Richard Yang/yry@...

2) List document types (user/operator, developer, contributor,
installation, how to/tutorial)

3) Ascii doc outline checked in.

4) List gerrit patch links for ascii doc check in:

Integration & System test:

1) Feature integration and test template complete.
Not yet, will be in a couple days (links to test plan)

2) Automate system test integration started.
Not yet


Please send M3 status for your project, M3 template is:



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