Re: M5 of alto in ODL?

Y. Richard Yang

On Wednesday, May 13, 2015, Gao Kai <gaok12@...> wrote:

BTW Where can we see the requirements for M5? I'd like to check the list.

On 14/05/15 06:17, Y. Richard Yang wrote:
Dear team,

My apologies for being quiet in the last few days. I did check and saw that you guys are making good process! Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it!

Tomorrow (May 14) is the M5 cutoff date. As project leads (PL), Kai/Shu will need to send an email to the release mailing list to report M5 status. If you do not subscribe to the release mailing list, you may not have seen others' email. I can forward an email to you in this case.

I wonder if the PL think we should have a sync up meeting tomorrow morning US ET (say 8:30 am ET, which is 8:30 pm China), to resolve last-minute issues. I am available at the said time.

Thank you so much! 




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