Re: [alto] ALTO implementation interoperability

Y. Richard Yang

Dear Christian,

It is great to hear about your development. Regarding open source implementation, some of us are developing an open source ALTO server in OpenDayLight. We are slightly behind the schedule of the Lithium Release, but are making good progress lately. The yang model can be found from the ODL alto project git. It is great to hear about your interest in the client side. We are developing a client in a science network setting (to work with GridFTP). We will be happy to share, if interested.



On Monday, April 6, 2015, Christian Esteve Rothenberg <chesteve@...> wrote:
Hi all,

we at University of Campinas are developing an ALTO server
implementation (for IXP-related use cases) based on Neo4j graph DB and
Open Daylight for a subset of ALTO services and would like to know
about related open source mplementation work, both at the server side
but mostly interested in the client side for interop testing and
further use case developments.

Looking forward to hear more about the Prague IETF opportunities for
ALTO interop (Raphael, please add to your agenda).


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We have also put this topic on the chair slides for the session in
Dallas to get feedback from the room, but please also continue raising
your opinion on this here on the ML.

-          Jan

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Hi Hans,

On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 6:49 AM, Hans Seidel <hseidel at> wrote:

It will be cool to have an interop for the summer IETF. For those who
are interested, some of us are working on having an open-source ALTO
server running in ODL. We are slightly behind schedule, but should be
able to catch up in Apr., after IETF. If there is anyone who is
interested in collaboration, you are more than welcome.

I also like the idea of an interop for the summer IETF in Prague.
Since I am rather new to the IETF community, I am not very familiar
with the procedures but if I can be of any help, let me know.

Wonderful! Some of us here will want to engage in the development of
an interop in Prague as well. It will be nice to coordinate and get
started soon, say after this IETF.






- vijay
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