TODO in M5 and future plans

Gao Kai

Hi all,

I’m going to write the documentation of ALTO within two or three days and we would be ready for M5.

After the CoNEXT we may get back to alto-0.2.0, and I’d like to share some thoughts on the components
and the corresponding functionalities.

  1. alto-core: The service abstractions and the road map to all ALTO instances.

    • alto-model: a new YANG model for ALTO services
    • alto-provider: declares ALTO service and provides some general functionalities such as identifier (resource id,
      endpoint id, etc.) management
  2. alto-basic: basic functionalities and helper functions/components

    • alto-simple-XXX: simple implementation of ALTO services: manually configurable network/cost map,
      network/cost map-based ecs/eps/filtered map/ird
    • alto-cli: karaf command line tool for alto-simple-xxx
    • alto-northbound: exploit ALTO service in RFC7285-format

    p.s. Lots of functionalities can be imported from palto.

  3. alto-extension: automatically generated, high-performance, enterprise-oriented ALTO services

    • hosttracker-based networkmap/costmap/ecs/eps
    • bgp-based networkmap/costmap/ecs/eps
  4. alto-applications: some other extra features that are based on ALTO

We may discuss the details and make plans for future development later.



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