Re: TODO in M5 and future plans

Y. Richard Yang


Good list. In particular, I am interested in the -extension aspect. I am hoping that we have more ways to generate maps. We sure can discuss after this milestone.

Great work as the lead!



From: Gao Kai <godrickk@...>
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2015 4:28 PM
Subject: [alto-dev]TODO in M5 and future plans
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Hi all,

I’m going to write the documentation of ALTO within two or three days and we would be ready for M5.

After the CoNEXT we may get back to alto-0.2.0, and I’d like to share some thoughts on the components
and the corresponding functionalities.

  1. alto-core: The service abstractions and the road map to all ALTO instances.

    • alto-model: a new YANG model for ALTO services
    • alto-provider: declares ALTO service and provides some general functionalities such as identifier (resource id,
      endpoint id, etc.) management
  2. alto-basic: basic functionalities and helper functions/components

    • alto-simple-XXX: simple implementation of ALTO services: manually configurable network/cost map,
      network/cost map-based ecs/eps/filtered map/ird
    • alto-cli: karaf command line tool for alto-simple-xxx
    • alto-northbound: exploit ALTO service in RFC7285-format

    p.s. Lots of functionalities can be imported from palto.

  3. alto-extension: automatically generated, high-performance, enterprise-oriented ALTO services

    • hosttracker-based networkmap/costmap/ecs/eps
    • bgp-based networkmap/costmap/ecs/eps
  4. alto-applications: some other extra features that are based on ALTO

We may discuss the details and make plans for future development later.



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