Re: [alto] ALTO implementation interoperability

Wendy Roome

Questions for those interested in an ALTO interop test ….

1. RFC 7285 allows a server to present multiple Network Maps, but does not require a server to support them. But it would simplify the tests if we could assume all servers can be configured to present an IRD with more than one Network Map. Otherwise we will need different test setups, and two different classes of servers.

So would anyone object to requiring servers to present multiple Network Maps?

2. Clients should be able to cope with an IRD with multiple Network Maps, but the RFC does not require them to be able to use anything other than the default network.One way to handle that is to define two sets of client tests: one which uses the default network map (and requires the client to use the cost maps for the default map, rather than a cost map for a different network), and an optional set that uses a secondary network map.

3. The RFC allows IRD chaining — a root IRD can reference secondary IRDs with additional resources. Should we require servers to support that feature?

- Wendy Roome

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