[release] remote Karaf command does not take multiple arguments?

Y. Richard Yang

Issues that we may face as well. For those of us who are not on slacks:

Here is a summary on alto: commands. There are 4 design considerations:
1. The design is to be consistent with karaf commandline.
2. karaf access can be remote (http://karaf.apache.org/manual/latest/users-guide/remote.html). Hence, we need to consider how an admin can edit,  upload, and download resource files. 
3. An admin may need to upload a set of resources. Hence, how this is accomplished (automation, scripts) should be considered.
4. The admin ci should support both upload, download but also set control options.

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Subject: [release] remote Karaf command does not take multiple arguments?
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Hi All,
We’re facing issues in automated system test that it seems the remote Karaf command does not take multiple arguments and complained “too many arguments specified”. On the same test bed, manually executing the same command that takes a few arguments worked fine. However, if we issue the command through remote connection to the Karaf, then we hit the issue.
Just wondering if anyone has tried remote Karaf command and if the multiple arguments work well through Karaf remote connection?
Thanks very much,
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Subject: RE: latest local dump with data collection integration
Hi Yuling,
When issuing “tsdr:list  InterfaceMetrics ‘04/15/2015 15:00:00’ ‘04/15/2015 16:00:00’ command remotely got the error as “Error executing the command tsdr:list too many arguments specified”.
Its blocking my issue integration test automation execution. Can you pls me look in to this.
How to connect Karaf remotely:
Step 1:  ssh-keygen -t dsa -f karaf.id_dsa -N karaf
Step 2:  sshpass  -p karaf ssh  -p 8101 karaf.id_dsa.pub karaf@<ControllerIPaddress>  <karaf-command>
Error Screenshot:

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