Planning for next week

Y. Richard Yang

Dear team,

As much as I do not want to push for work items Friday evening/Saturday morning, we need to plan a bit for the next week. In particular, there is the ODL training for the whole week next week, which means that Kai and Wang Xi will be busy learning more on ODL. This is great for the long term. Here is more proposal for next week:

1. Basic goal: finish T1 to T6 (see slack test channel).

2. Start to conduct code review (both Wendy and I are eager to read the design). 

3. Start to systematically add unit and system tests

4. Start to plan to add new things:
   Topology (path vector)
   Demonstrate the use with an ALTO client: in particular GridFTP, or MapReduce (Hadoop or Spark).

The highest priority is to finish 1. To make sure that we accomplish this item, we need a scheduler/champion to monitor tasks and issues of this item. I am wondering if there is one person who can take on this role. Or we can do distributed computing: there is a champion for each of T1 to T6. Ideally, the champion is the person who takes on the major missing piece of each Ti. Please let me know. If no response, I will make a proposal.

Thank you so much!