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Y. Richard Yang

Dear team,

The previous draft doc is under review.

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Change subject: Documentation outline for ALTO

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File manuals/developer-guide/src/main/asciidoc/alto/odl-alto-dev.adoc:

Line 4: (1) a northbound interface based on RFC7285 to provide ALTO services
      : to ALTO clients; and (2) an ALTO manager so that a network administrator can
      : provision the data of the services.
call these out as bullets by putting a period-space in front of them and putting them on their own line?

Line 18: OpenDayLight
File manuals/install-guide/src/main/asciidoc/alto/alto-install.adoc:

In general if all that's required for installation is installing features, we just put that together in one big table rather than requiring each project list pretty much exactly the same information.
File manuals/user-guide/src/main/asciidoc/alto/odl-alto-user.adoc:

Line 1: == ALTO User Guide
Does it make sense to expand the ALTO acronym?

Line 2: northbound
what do you mean by northbound?

Line 3: user
section instead of user?

Line 2: ALTO
      : administrator
"an ALTO administrator"? or "ALTO administrators"?

Line 11: the
reachable at?

Line 11: OpenDayLight

Line 13: curl -u karaf:karaf -X GET -D -
My guess is that you want this to be on its own line and thus you want a blank line before it. You might also put it in inside pluses (+) or put a space in front of it to get it to format in a fixed-width font.

Line 16: CI
expand the acronym?

Line 22: * [  alto-dev], a general developers list
This format is wiki syntax, not AsciiDoc, the AsciiDoc would be: ]

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