The time schedule about Lenovo's ECS deployment.


Hi Richard,

@Jensen and I have discussed the time schedule to cooperate with Lenovo. The major issues we didn't sync up with Lenovo are listed here:

1. The detail configuration of Lenovo's data center;
2. The requirements of ECS service from Lenovo;
3. The architecture of our ECS design;
4. Other details of our ECS implementation.

So we desire a summarize sync up, which is not late than 8th, Sept. Beijing time, directly to their development team. And we may have multiply meetings with their dev team to talk about their requirements and our limitations in next week (7th to 13th). Then we can quickly iterate our ECS design in the following two weeks (14th to 27th). Finally we may give a final version to Lenovo in the week of National Day.

Best regards,