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Gao Kai

Guys, please read this article on the style of documentation.

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That is the elephant in the room. There are more than a few and I'm trying to work through them as fast as I can. If anyone wants to help, I've been creating this style guide which can also act as docs reviewer checklist:

If people could go through with that in mind and +1/-1 thinks that would make my job faster. If not, I'll move as fast as I can.


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Hi All,

There are a few outstanding patches on docs for stable/beryllium. Is it possible to get those in before the release?


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Docs looks good to me.  I have no further questions.


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Hi Colin Dixon and DOCS Team,


This is the formal release review of the DOCS project over email.  Please reply with links to the Release Review and Release Notes of the project as well as any additional comments regarding the project in Beryllium.  TSC members, committers, and the OpenDaylight community are welcome to offer any questions, comments, or actions that the project should address.


As a support project, many of the typical release review questions do not apply, but feel free to mention any supporting points regarding the DOCS project.


Best Regards,

An Ho


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