ALTO Boron M2 Status

Gao Kai <gaok12@...>


0. Please provide updates on any previously-incomplete items from prior milestone readouts.

1. Have you completed the project checklist [1]?

*  (link to a merged patch in gerrit)
*  (link to a mail from your mailing list)
*  (link to a bug for your project; you can create a dummy one and close it if need be)
*  (link to an artifact published from your project in nexus)
*  (link to a sonar report)
*  (link to your root pom file);a=blob;f=pom.xml

2. Does your project have any special needs in CI Infrastructure [2]?

3. Is your project release plan finalized?
*  (link to final release plan wiki page)
*  Do you have all APIs intended to be externally consumable listed? Yes
*  Does each API have a useful short name? Yes
*  Are the Java interface and/or YANG files listed for each API? No
*  Are they labeled as tentative, provisional, or stable as appropriate for each API? No
*  Do you call out the OSGi bundles and/or Karaf features providing the API for each API? Yes

4. All project dependencies requests on other project's release plans been acknowledged and documented by upstream projects?
Not yet

*  (List of all project dependencies and if they have been acknowledged, unacknowledged)
L2switch, OpenFlow Plugin, OVSDB (waiting for responses)

5. Were project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone delivered successfully?
No deliverables

6. Will your project have top-level features not requiring system test?

7. Will your project use the OpenDaylight CI infrastructure for testing top-level features requiring system test?

[2] Special needs include tools or configuration. Note that generally, the only available tools in CI are basic RHEL/CentOS linux images with Java. You should note and ask for anything beyond that here. Email helpdesk@... [3] It is recommended to use the OpenDaylight CI infrastructure unless there is some HW or SW resource that cannot be installed there. Update the test plan with explanation on why your top-level features will not be using the OpenDaylight CI Infrastructure:
[4] Projects running system test in external Labs are required to report system test results in a timely fashion after release creations, e.g., weekly, RC, and formal releases. Update the test plan with plans on testing in external lab: