About path computation in ODL


Hi Mingming,

I'll try to follow your recommendation, thanks a lot!


2015-08-06 0:10 GMT+08:00 陈明明 <mingmingminne@...>:

Hi JunZhuo,
There is a suggestion. You can take packet-in as a clue(Beacause It will cause packet-out referring to path calculation). I remember It is in openflowplugin. Then try to find its implementation, how a packet-in message acts to invoke path calculation then send a packet-out message. This is my assumption. If you have any ideas Please discuss with me.

在2015年08月05日 23:58,Junzhuo Wang 写道:
Hi Mingming,

Thanks! I haven't found the AD-SAL routing function yet and I'll continue to find it. Do you have any clues or keywords to pinpoint it? Because I can only locate the MD-SAL interfaces right now. 


2015-08-05 23:48 GMT+08:00 陈明明 <mingmingminne@...>:
Hi JunZhuo,
I have told Shu how to invoke addflow. Now the problem is how to compute path, right? I know that there is a ad sal routing method using D algorithm. now you have find md sal routing,right? I can not get my laptop because of my younger brother's wedding. 3 days later I can reply you at least. I will try to find ways to get code as long as I am free. Sorry not to  answer your question right now. I will communicate with you later. 
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在2015年08月05日 23:24,Junzhuo Wang 写道:
Hi mingming,

I'm trying to find a API to compute the link path between two hosts. So I read the code from openflowplugin (add@... and addFlow@SalFlowServiceImpl). But seems the it just ad given flows to switchers rather than calculate the path. 

So I turn to OpenDayLight/controller to find a function to get the path. I found that org.opendaylight.controller.sal.routing provides a getRoute method but it no longer be used in the newer ODL (may be it's a AD-SAL function). Now ODL using org.opendaylight.controller.md.sal.common.api.routing to compute path. But I can't find out where the implement is and how to use it. Do you have any ideas?