Mininet + Controller test environment set up in lab 219

Y. Richard Yang


Thank you so much! Since such an environment can be useful to others, I cc'd the others on the list. If anyone else wants to use the setup, please let us know.


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Sure, I will post the URIs when we are ready.


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Wonderful! Please post the URIs once everything works well, so that I can connect to the test environment during the following days when I am at home. That will be very helpful!

Also, please tell me if you need any help.


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Hi all,

For your information, Junzhuo and I are trying to set up a Mininet + Controller test environment in our lab servers. We have set up Mininet in one server and controller, which is built from ODL integration project, in another one.

Recently, we have installed l2switch, DLUX and ALTO in controller and ran pingall in mininet successfully to get the whole topology(including hosts and switches) through ODL DLUX UI.  I am also trying to find matched flow entry by reading flow table of each switch and test related functions in the test environment. There is still something wrong with Yang-UI (which presents the tree structure of Yang model visually) but we are working on it. We hope it will make following tests and simulations easier and thus help everyone in the team.


Xiao Lin