[bgpcep-dev] Controller wrongly representing the ASN values greater than 65536

Kevin Wang <kevixw@...>

Hi Satish,

Could you provide a packet capture along with karaf.log when the router BGP session is established?  I tested it locally the controller is properly show me 65535:65535.

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Kevin Wang

On September 10, 2017 at 12:30:48 AM, Satish Dutt (sdutt@...) wrote:



I have a configured a ASN 4294967295 in one of the router and have also configured the controller IP as it's peer. The controller has been configured as the route reflector. But the controller, after learning the peer ASN, is wrongly representing the higher order bytes as '0' and the asdot notation is 0:65535 . Ideally it should have been 65535.65535


For the ASN values below 65535, the controller is correctly representing it as 0:65535


Please let me know your comments. I am using boron-sr3 release




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