ODL: Callhome session disconnection timeout

Srinivasa Rao Kolluri <skolluri@...>


I have 2 call-home ODL clients. One ODL is connected using IPV4 address and another ODL using IPV6 address. Node having callhome sessions with both ODL clients.

Now I have Reboot the node, In this case, ODL IPV4 client is disconnected with in less time but ODL IPV6 client is taking more time (i.e, approximately 10 min).

Before IPV6 ODL client closing session, Node is up and try to make a callhome connection with IPV6 ODL and IPV4 ODL. Callhome connection is success with IPV4 ODL client but IPV6 ODL previous client session is already active so current callhome session is  rejected from ODL.


When Node is not reachable, Why there is a difference in timeouts for ipv4 and ipv6 clients to close session ?

How to configure this timeout in ODL i.e, how long need to wait to close session when node is not reachable?



Thanks in Advance for quick help.