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Specifically to PCEP SR, we are finally done with all the changes to draft-ietf-pce-lsp-setup-type (passed wg last cal) and draft-ietf-pce-segment-routing (ready for wglc), there have been some changes, please make sure both pce and pcc are using the same versions.


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Oh yeah I got that bit working,
The part I did setup incorrectly was: lsp-external-controller pccd

Now I'm struggling with ODL PCEP not displaying or Junos not Exporting the Bypass (backup) LSPs and I'd like to be able to graph those too.


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I see Olivier sent the configs. Here is a blog on JUNOS/PCE. Though the blog
mentions XTC, it works with ODL too.


- Hari

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Hi folks,

Does anyone have a working ODL PCEP with Junos -that is to be able to see
provisioned LSPs and be able to provision new ones.
I'm using Boron-SR4 and 15.1F6-S5.6
When I used directly attached interface I was able to get PCEP session up
(TX/RX keepalives) -but was not able to provision LSPs or see provisioned
Not I changed the setup to loopbacks and I'm not able to get PCEP into
status: PCE_STATE_CONNECTED" it's stuck in "PCE_STATE_NEW".
Only session to a remote IOS-XR is working -same loopback ip range as
junipers (so no filters blocking no routing problem just Junos-OLD
interworking I think).

Would appreciate any pointers (or success stories for Junos with ODL PCEP)


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