Archiving Discovery By Colin Dixon ·
[OpenDaylight TSC] Archiving inactive projects By Colin Dixon ·
[mdsal-dev] FM and PM support By Robert Varga ·
FM and PM support By Simha N ·
DISCOVERY Active Committers By ·
Plans for Archiving DISCOVERY Project By ·
Project Retirement and Archive By David Bainbridge ·
[OpenDaylight TSC] Merge DIDM project with Discovery project By Colin Dixon ·
Merge DIDM project with Discovery project 2 messages By George Zhao ·
Discovery Project Termination By David Bainbridge ·
M4 Status is due for Discovery 3 messages By George Zhao ·
Lihtium M3 status due for Discovery By George Zhao ·
Migrating discovery to JJB By Thanh Ha ·
meeting canceled By David Bainbridge ·
Migrating Jenkins Jobs to the Releng silo and JJB By Thanh Ha ·
Cancel Status Meeting By David Bainbridge ·
[release] Discovery: Intention to participate in Lithium release By David Bainbridge ·
Project Lead By David Bainbridge ·
Discovery Project Lead - Nominations 3 messages By David Bainbridge ·
Agenda for today's discovery status meeting By David Bainbridge ·
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