Query regarding Web Interface

Sohaib Naseem


Being new to SDN technology, I am exploring Mininet with OpenFlow Controllers (ODL) to test some basic topologies. The setup I have is two VMs (one for mininet & other for ODL) running on my mac machine. I have installed the required packages from ODL website and running karaf distribution. I am able to connect ODL by specifying the following command:

sudo mn –controller=remote,ip= –port=6633 

where remote controller = ODL with IP given above.

The problem I am facing currently is when I connect to the web interface of ODL using (localhost:8080) the page shows the topology made in mininet but does not allow me to add any flows and does not show the nodes in create flows tab.

The issue I suspect could be that OVS switch is not connecting to ODL or is there some package that I have missed during installation of ODL that could enable the connection with OVS that runs in mininet internally. Why doesnt it let me install flows manually on webinterface?

Other problem is when I try to access ODL web interface by specifying the IP address of the controller (VM guest) i.e., it does not connect.

Expecting a suggestion of how to resolve these issues. Snapshot attached!

Should I be trying the same VM for running both ODL and Mininet? Will it make some difference? or should I download some other version?