Help with running NEMO

Barun Saha

Hi All,

Recently I started reading about NEMO, but struggling to make it work.

In particular, I have two VMs; the first one runs Mininet (downloaded from its website), and the other one runs OpenDayLight 0.7.2 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Inside the karaf shell, I executed the following:
feature:install odl-restconf odl-l2switch-switch odl-mdsal-apidocs odl-dluxapps-topology 

feature:install odl-dluxapps-yangvisualizer odl-dluxapps-yangui odl-dluxapps-nodes odl-dluxapps-applications

feature:install odl-nemo-engine-ui odl-nemo-api odl-nemo-cli-renderer odl-nemo-openflow-renderer nemo-features odl-nemo-engine odl-nemo-engine-rest

I can login to the ODL GUI ( and also to the NEMO module there. A topology is shown in the "Physical Network" tab, but the text box in the "NEMO Intent" tab doesn't look to be active.

Next, I tried to launch the NEMO client from the same VM running ODL. However, I got the following error message:

Please input the IP address of NEMO engine:

Please input username, password and user role(0/1) seperated by space:

tenanta password 1

Connecting to NEMO engine and authenticating user......

Error: Unable to connect to NEMO engine.

Unsure what I'm missing here. Could you please help to get NEMO working?

I'd be happy to provide any further information, if required.

Barun Saha