Nemo BoD Use case Query

Binay Kapri <binay.kapri@...>

Hi Team,
we are simulating BoD use case in vm ubntu16.04  with memory 3.5 GB and storage 100 GB with cpu 1 core.
we have followed the steps which are mentioned as per BoD Document from below link :

After executing script we are observing error log from /tmp/sw1-ofd.log which is attached for your reference.

command :  ofdatapath -i sw1-eth1,sw1-eth2,sw1-eth3 punix:/tmp/sw1 -d 000000000001 1 -v.
Aug 20 18:12:18|00001|netdev|DBG|sw1-eth1: ioctl(SIOCGIFADDR) failed: Cannot assign requested address
RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory.

if you have latest BoD please share the same.
Please help on this.

Binay Kumar