NEMO M3 Status

Functionality Freeze:
1. Final list of externally consumable APIs defined: Yes
2. Are all your inter-project dependencies resolved (i.e., have the other projects you were counting on given you what you needed)? Yes
3. Were there any project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone? No Deliverables
4. Are all your project's features that are intended for release added to the features.xml and checked into the integration git repository? Yes;a=blob;f=nemo-features/src/main/features/features.xml;
5. List all top-level, user-facing, and stable Karaf features for your project.
odl-nemo-engine-ui: DSL based for the abstraction of network models and conclusion of operation patterns.
odl-nemo-engine-rest: Provide intent rest interface for external applications.
odl-nemo-openflow-renderer: Provide intent mapping and implementation with openflow.
odl-nemo-openflow-cli: Provide intent mapping and implementation with cli to legacy devices.
6. List the kinds of documentation you will provide including at least:
User Guide
Developer Guide
7. Have you checked in the AsciiDoc outlines to the docs repository? Yes
Integration and Test:
8. Have you started automated system testing for your top-level features. Yes
9. Have you filled out basic system test plan template [1] for each top-level feature (karaf and not karaf) and a comprehensive system test plan template including functionality, cluster, scalability, performance, longevity/stability for each stable feature? Yes/No
Project Specific:
10. Have you updated your project facts with the project type category? Yes
11. Do you acknowledge the changes to the RC Blocking Bug Policy for Carbon Release [2]? Yes