NEMO M5 Status



1. Please provide updates on any previously-incomplete items from prior milestone readouts.

2. Has your project met code freeze, i.e., only bug fixes are allowed from now on? Yes

3. Are all externally visible strings frozen to allow for translation & documentation? Yes

4. Is your documentation complete such that only editing and enhancing should take place after this point? Yes

   Same as Carbon

5. Were project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone delivered successfully? Yes

6. Are you running at least one basic automated system test job for each top-level feature? Yes

   Same as Carbon

7. Have you completed Nitrogen Karaf 4 Migration? Yes

8. Do you have any CLM violations: ? No

   Violations are not applicable.


Stables Features (Only for Projects with Stable Features)

9. Do your stable features fulfill quality requirements (i.e. unit and/or integration test coverage of at least 75%)? (Yes/No)

   No Stable Features

10.Are you running several automated system test jobs including functionality, cluster, scalability, performance, longevity/stability for each stable feature? (Yes/No)

  No Stable Features