Re: Procedure for upgrading odltools in CSIT

Vishal Thapar <vthapar@...>

Sam wrote this doc before we had odltools as project in ODL, but I've followed same instructions to push project code to pypi too. You'll need access to repo from Sam.

However, I'd recommend figuring out how to run CSIT from ODLTools master. As of today there is no way to make sure that any ODLTools patch won't break CSIT. If CSIT were to run off odltools master, at least it will be tested before being pushed to pypi. We were planning to have an ODLTools job which would test any changes against netvirt CSIT [fast Apex job] and if all goes well push it to pypi on merge. Latter had some logistical challenges so can be still a manual step, but should still look to run ODLTools off master code in CSIT, and possible ODLTools patch in sandbox.

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 12:24 PM Faseela K <faseela.k@...> wrote:


   Whenever there is any change in odltools, I remember there is some procedure to release a new version,

   And then use it in CSIT and other places.

   Is there a documentation for the same?

   Or can you point to any sample patches, where this activity has been done?



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