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Isaku Yamahata

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 09:30:10PM +0100,
Michael Vorburger <vorburger@...> wrote:

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 7:37 PM, Isaku Yamahata <
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Hello Michael.

Personally I just followed what existed and didn't do any improvement.
Please go ahead.
I had a closer look at this based on what you wrote below, and with a bit
of grep on finding which of these features are also referenced from other
projects, it seems to me that there seems to be only 1 of the existing
features that jumps out as a "low hanging fruit" that perhaps not not be
externally exposed, and easy tochange - the odl-neutron-transcriber? proposes to simply
"fold" odl-neutron-transcriber
into odl-neutron-service. As far as I could seen, no other ODL project
directly depends on odl-neutron-transcriber.

Touching any of the other features would require more work, and
coordination with other projects, which is probably not worth it.

Probably best to not merge this for Oxygen anymore, but after? ;)
Yeah. Let's merge it early Fluorine cycle.

The reason for odl-neutron-logger is that it's very verbose only
for developer so that log file is very bloated with neutron logger.
So it needs to be optional.

That (logger) could perhaps be addressed by configuration instead of via an
optional feature? May be some other time.
Yeah. install/uninstall the feature was enough/convenient for me.


I think following features are needed.

- yang models: several backend developers use only yang model(+ restconf)
without Neutron REST API.
- neutron REST API related: several existing features can be consolidated
into one feature.
- neutron logger: to be optional
- hostconfig-ovs: to be optional
- hostconfig-vpp: to be optional
- integration test related one


On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 06:51:41PM +0100,
Michael Vorburger <vorburger@...> wrote:


is there a real reason why there are so many small features in Neutron -
practically one for each bundle?

Karaf features, the way I understand it (please do scream if you
are units for dependencies from other projects, and installation. I
obviously still don't fully understand Neutron, but somehow doubt a
that there is a real need to ever depend on or install say only the
odl-neutron-logger feature?

What are the minimal odl-neutron-* Karaf features that project Neutron
really needs to publish?

I'm willing to work on simplifying this a little.

Michael Vorburger, Red Hat
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