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Assuming that you are using OVSDB to manage the OVS switches, you should bring this question up on the ovsdb-dev mailing list.   The neutron northbound service does not handle low level manipulation of OVS switches...

Ryan Moats


Unless you explicitly enable OVSDB to perform L3 forwarding, you will need an L3 agent in openstack to forward packets through br-ex.

By default, OVSDB will give you L2 functionality (including overlay) and that is all within the br-int.

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— flavio

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> Subject: [neutron-dev] br-ex is not passing packet to br-int
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> Hi all,

> I am working on ODL and Openstack integration and am successfully
> able to integrate, But I have a problem that br-ex is not passing
> packet to br-int as vice-versa so I am not able to connect external network.

> Thanks and Regards,
> Mandeep Singh

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