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Flavio Fernandes <ffernand@...>

On Feb 20, 2015, at 7:21 PM, George Zhao <George.Y.Zhao@...> wrote:

Hi Lori,

Thanks for reminder.

I am actually waiting for neutron project to send out M1 status email to declare their intention to participate Lithium SR as offset x project.

Right now, I don't know they would like to be offset 1 or offset 2 project and who is the project lead, primary contact etc.
Hi George,

Sorry for that. I believe Neutron project is offset 1 and Ryan is the project lead. Because of timing of creation, I'm uncertain if offset 1 is doable for Lithium.

As for contact, besides Ryan you can list Ed and me (Flavio).

@Ryan: @Ed: please correct me if what Im wrong about the offset!

-- flavio

I will update wiki and dependency diagram once neutron project catches up with M1 and M2 status (dependencies spreadsheet would be required by M2)



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Hi George,

I think the newly formed Neutron project should be added to the
spreadsheet, and projects depending on Neutron should add the dependency.


On 2/12/15 1:38 AM, George Zhao wrote:


Please review the Lithium projects dependency diagram, let me know if
there are any errors.

this diagram is based on projects M2 dependency spreadsheet:



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