Re: Now that we exist, a few housekeeping items

Edward Warnicke <hagbard@...>

+1 to Ryan for project lead, he's got the greatest depth in the code.

I think we are properly offset 1 personally... but very open to other thoughts there.


On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 2:36 PM, Ryan Moats <rmoats@...> wrote:


Now that neutron northbound exists, we need to make two decisions fairly quickly:

1) who is the project lead.  I'll save Ed the trouble of nominating me and say that I'm happy to take the role.  If somebody else wants it, then we can do the election thing :)

2) do we want to be part of Lithium and if so, at what offset.  M3 for offset 0 is in 7 days, and I'd really like to make that, so we'll need to do some serious work to get from here to there.  

The project page is getting pulled together and I'd like to do most of the discussion on the IRC channel, but #1 and #2 should be discussed on the mailing list, so that there is an archive.  I've added all the other committers on the To line, since I don't know if you all have subscribed to neutron-dev yet or not...


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