NeXt project failing to build in Carbon

Thanh Ha <thanh.ha@...>

Hello TSC,

The NeXt project has been failing in Carbon since September 21st. We've been unable to reach the project committers for resolution for about a week now. With Carbon SR2 expected to go out shortly need a decision made on what to do with the NeXt project.

1) Keep NeXt in the release and find someone to investigate the issue
2) Drop NeXt out of the SR2 release

One thing to consider is that NeXt typically provides a zip file as a release artifact and as far as I understand does not have a Karaf Distribution component. So a potential solution here is to recommend those who want to use NeXt to download the previously released zip of the project from Carbon SR1.

I think a decision should be made soon so that we can decide on a release candidate for Carbon SR2.