[Reminder #4] Oxygen M2 Project Status Due

Kit Lou <klou.external@...>

Hello Oxygen Projects,

For the projects (details below) that have submitted M2 project status  - thank you!

We are still waiting for Oxygen M2 Project Status from the 12 following projects: dlux, dluxapps, eman, faas, jsonrpc, mdsal, netconf, of-config, p4plugin, snmp4sdn, unimgr, yangtools

We request that these 12 projects submit their M2 status as soon as possible!

Instructions: Please make a copy of the m2 status template file [1], update, and submit your milestone readout into this folder of the docs project:  "docs/release-process/milestone-readouts/m2".

There is a useful online reStructuredText tool [2] you can use to validate your rst file contents - copy the rst file contents into the left pane and you will see the rendered HTML on the right pane.  If your rst file checkin fails verification, it will likely be failing the tox coala check.  Please look for the tox-coala.log.gz file in the build log for details.

Note that once you submitted your gerrit patch and it is successfully merged, you will be able to see it here [3].

Best Regards,
Kit Lou
Release Manager