MD-SAL and the future of Neutron

Colin Dixon <colin@...>

Recently, there's been some movement [0] (mainly from Greg who is cc'd) on trying to provide MD-SAL models for the Neutron API and how to eventually migrate toward having our Neutron APIs be more of a first class MD-SAL citizen. After that Ed and Ryan have expressed some opinions [1] about how we should approach this.

Given that we have at least 4 projects that implement the Neutron interface and it is one of the most important features ODL offers—if not *the* most important feature, it would behoove us to get this right.

Given that, I'd really like to see the stakeholders come together and try to work out how we can move in the right direction. I've sent this to the 4 project -dev lists, the controller-dev list (where the API is housed at the moment) and to discuss, so I don't think I've missed anyone.

If people think it's useful to set up a series of calls for this, or just use the OVSDB call [2] (which I think is the only project with a regularly scheduled meeting—I think that would be useful.