Neutron discussion overflow from TWS call yesterday

Keith Burns <alagalah@...>

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY ALL (I kept the addresses in the To: instead of Bcc: so your email filters would still work. Lets not make everyone subscribed regret that decision :)   ).

On the TWS call Feb23 ( Sam and Flavio from the OVSDB team presented "OVSDB/Neutron Support in Lithium and Beyond" (presentation linked in TWS minutes).

This sparked a broader discussion (since we ran out of time) and I took the action item to move the discussion to: 

"discuss@..." with TOPIC/SUBJECT: [Neutron] Neutron discussion overflow from TWS Feb23

(Once I send the email, my understanding from the help desk is the topic will exist, so you may not be able to filter on that yet).

Before I did that, I was asked to let anyone who may have an interest in participating in that discussion, where to look.

I will post all relevant links etc in that email.

Please forward this email to any projects I may have missed.