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It sounds good. Thanks.
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主题: [openflowplugin-dev] OpenFlow Plugin Architecture and Design meeting
时间: 每天发生,生效时间: 2013/8/29,从 9:00 到 17:00Pacific Standard Time。
地点: Webex:
Hi Everyone,

In order to make our upcoming discussion in San Jose open to all I have arranged a WebEx for the two days. 

The WebEx sessions will be open from 09:00 to 17:00 PST. 
A detailed Agenda will be sent out shortly, we plan to focus on the following areas during the days.

Day 1:  (Aug 28th)
Architecture and integration
Controller, plugin, library
Day 2: (Aug 29th)
Interfaces, structure and function
Plugin, library

Chris Price << 文件: ATT00001.txt >>

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