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Anil Vishnoi

forwarding it to openflowjava mailing list ...

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Looks like jenkins is out with the daisies. Again :)

It is not even starting build jobs at the moment.

In any case, Abhjit, Michal, please review - this one is obvious.

We never have "throughput" in the sense TCP as a protocol puts into it. What we have is more of a NO_DELAY scenario.

Additionally, once this has been fixed, there are a couple of other netty tunables (specifically rexmit attempts) which need to be revisited. Hitting a retransmit in a NO_DELAY scenario is a clear indication of an error or waiting for a TCP retransmission of an ACK from peer. In that case using the "beatings will continue until the morale improves" approach regarding the TCP stack is useless. It does not matter how many time you resubmit it will not transmit. It just wastes a mass of CPU which could have been used to service other sockets in the netty pool.

I will file that (and submit a patch) once we have finished this one off.

There are some other additional issues on Linux related to cork, autocork, etc, but they cannot be dealt with in Java as it does not do OS specific TCP options. So there is no way to solve them from inside ODL.

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