Beryllium M1 Status summary

George Zhao <George.Y.Zhao@...>



We have 11 projects reported offset1 status, the following projects were offset 1 projects in Lithium, could PTL in following projects respond to me with a definite answer whether you will be participated in Beryllium? Or participate as offset 2 instead of offset 1.


·         SDNi,

·         Persistence,

·         SNBI,

·         SNMP Plugin

·         SXP



Here are the actions I need from following projects to complete their M1 status.



Please add release plan url to the spreadsheet [1]


Openflow Plugin:

Please add claim url (column R) to the spreadsheet [1]





Please add column Q and R to the spreadsheet [1]



PTLs, please don’t fill column B (gray column), I use that to verify your statuses, the process is: you send status through mailing list as an immutable record, but you DO have to fill all the information to spreadsheet [1] as well.








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