Re: [integration-dev] Inputs on cbench-like Java based tool that supports openflow 1.3

Daniel Farrell <dfarrell@...>

Hello Raksha!

This is a great project! Wonderful news to start a Saturday. :)

There have been discussions about building a CBench replacement for
quite some time. Ed and I talked about it at a Dev Design Summit
seriously enough that I created a "Better CBench" repo (but didn't
actually end up with time to build it).

There's little doubt that it needs to be replaced. WCBench makes
it more usable, but CBench is barely holding together and is becoming
more and more irrelevant as OF1.3 becomes normal.

One thing to keep in mind is that CBench-style tests aren't meant
to provide more than a small portion of the performance picture for
an SDN controller. Tests that uses OF southbound packet-in messages
to stress the controller are also very hard to compare controller to
controller, as it's easy to optimize that metric to amazing values
without actually getting much real-world benefit. It also of course
only applies to reactive OF SDN controllers. That said, CBench and
WCBench have found a bunch of bugs for us and we still use them in CI
to help watch for changes in performance (and verify it doesn't fall
off a cliff).

You could do this work under the umbrella of the newly created ODL
Performance Group (I'm on a wiki-creating sprint atm, link soon). The
idea is to provide a namespace under which we can organize perf work.

I'd be glad to help! as you can tell I've thought about this quite
a bit and am excited it's making more progress.

Thank you for your work!

Daniel Farrell
Software Engineer, Red Hat SDN Team

----- Original Message -----
Hi all,

I am an intern in Intel Corporation with OpenDaylight team. As my intern
project, I have been thinking to build a new tool preferably in Java using
openflowjava library to benchmark SDN controllers on latency and throughput
to start with. The existing cbench benchmarking tool supports Openflow 1.0
only and the new tool would include support for the latest version of
Openflow (OF 1.3) and TLS.

I would appreciate your inputs/suggestions regarding the above project idea.
Also feel free to critic if this idea is already being
implemented/completed. If not and the idea sounds good, I would be happy to
work on this.

Thanks & Regards,

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