Re: Inputs on cbench-like Java based tool that supports openflow 1.3

Anastopoulos Nikolaos <nanastop@...>

Hi Raksha,


This is a really nice idea. While working on quick-and-dirty scale-up extensions

to make the original Cbench run on multiple threads [1], we thought that the best

way to do it *right* would be to use a programming model that would allow us to

model the SouthBound switches as stateful and event-driven objects, that would

run concurrently and independently from each other, and would be able to easily

and asynchronously communicate with each other and with the controller.


The original Cbench would not really help to this design direction since it follows

a strict iterative and centralized approach. For these design requirements, we

thought that the best fit would be the Actor model [2]. Specifically, one good choice

would be the Akka actor framework [3], which, among others, would additionally

offer scale-up and scale-out capabilities out of the box, to meet large scale

demands. Moreover, the fact that you are planning to use the openflowjava

project to provide OF 1.3 compatibility (which is really one of the major Cbench 

drawbacks, at least for the ODL community) would facilitate things a lot if you

would go for Akka, since the library natively supports Java. 


Feel free to go into further discussions on the above, I would be really interested to help.


Best regards,











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Hi all,


I am an intern in Intel Corporation with OpenDaylight team. As my intern project, I have been thinking to build a new tool preferably in Java using openflowjava library to benchmark SDN controllers on latency and throughput to start with. The existing cbench benchmarking tool supports Openflow 1.0 only and the new tool would include support for the latest version of Openflow (OF 1.3) and TLS.


I would appreciate your inputs/suggestions regarding the above project idea. Also feel free to critic if this idea is already being implemented/completed. If not and the idea sounds good, I would be happy to work on this.


Thanks & Regards,




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