Re: [OpenDaylight Discuss] Run time error for bundle openflowjava.openflow-protocol-api_0.7.0.SNAPSHOT

Tony Tkacik

Hi, could you please open bug against openflowjava? Seems they are modifying their bundle manually to not include
Yang models (and YangModelBindingPRovider class relies on yang model being resource, since they are both generated
And packaged together by design).


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Subject: [OpenDaylight Discuss] Run time error for bundle openflowjava.openflow-protocol-api_0.7.0.SNAPSHOT

Hi guys,
I came across this runtime error today on one of the openflowjava dependencies:

ERROR | bundle-tracker-0 | ModuleInfoBundleTracker | 110 - org.opendaylight.controller.config-manager - 0.4.0.SNAPSHOT | Failed to process bundleentry://241.fwk1700966106/META-INF/services/org.opendaylight.yangtools.yang.binding.YangModelBindingProvider for bundle org.opendaylight.openflowjava.openflow-protocol-api_0.7.0.SNAPSHOT [241]
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Error while executing getModuleInfo on org.opendaylight.yang.gen.v1.urn.opendaylight.openflow.protocol.rev130731.$YangModelBindingProvider@20d3a056

Has anyone come across this today? Seems to be related to Yang tools but I'm not sure.

Saket Mahajani
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